Rocket MVS Toolkit 2.2 Now Available

MVS Toolkit 2.2 includes numerous enhancements and fixes that will help developers more easily work with the Toolkit. Examples of these enhancements are as follows:

Support for export and import of a web service operation within a web service , which simplifies deployment of updates by eliminating the need to export and import an entire web service when the web service operation changes.

Support for cross origin resource sharing . We have added a cross origin resource sharing protocol that enables a web server to serve resources to web based clients that access resources from multiple domains. Some web APIs enforce a "same domain" policy, where the client can only access resources from the same domain. This protocol provides a means of allowing access to resources on other domains.

Improved performance when a web service returns a large result set.

Support for nested web service URLs.

Find the Readme file for MVS Toolkit 2.2, including upgrade requirements, licensing, other considerations, known issues, and enhancements /resolutions at:

Rocket Software

Located in Waltham MA.

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