Rocket Software is excited to announce the availability of Rocket® D3 AIX Release 10.2.0.

The major enhancement for D3 AIX 10.2.0 is a new capability that provides additional flexibility for D3 administrators. With this release, administrators can easily pause and resume database write activity on disk, with a defined timeout, after which write activity will automatically resume.

While database write activity is paused, user activity is not interrupted; rather, any user changes are cached in memory. While paused, the database is unchanging on disk, allowing for a database snapshot and improved backup performance. Administrators can also use this state to take a snapshot of the database to be used for testing or other purposes. In short, this feature provides improved backup performance and gives administrators greater flexibility on how and when they take an image of the database.

Once the administrator resumes database write activity, cached user changes are flushed to disk and activity resumes normally.

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