Drexel Management adds EMV Card Support to Credit Card processing.

Credit cards with "EMV chips" are now being accepted by most retailers nationwide. Drexel Management has added support for EMV cards in their CCListen credit card software to handle this new requirement.

Most financial institutions and card issuers are sending their customers chip cards that require signatures for verification, rather than PINs. While both types of cards improve security, PINs protect against forged signatures and are more secure. Most major retailers will be equipped to accept PINs or signatures and are urging card issuers to offer customers chip-and-PIN technology (see below for more detail on chip-and-PIN versus chip-and-signature technology).

In addition to the EMV Card support, NFC (Near Field Communications) technology has been added to support ApplyPay transactions. Drexel Management's CCListen is a database agnostic middleware that support seamless integration between any MultiValue and Non-MultiValue application. CCListen includes support for credit card process, card vaulting, Level 1 and Level 2 card processing, as well as tokenization to fully conform to PCI requirements, in addition to US Pin Debit and store gift card programs. Partner programs are available as well.

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