MultiValue on the Beach

The International Spectrum 2018 Conference is coming up. During the conference there will be many sessions on how to modernization, as well as, sponsors providing tools to help provide modernization.

We will also be doing session that will focus on different aspects of modernizing an existing application. Modernization isn't just one thing, but a lot of little things. Every application and company needs different modernization features.

These sessions will look features like the following:

  • Mixing Green Screen and GUI
  • Outlook and Excel Integration
  • CRM presentation of Customer Information and Communications
  • Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) -Who is on the phone and what their information is?
  • Dashboards and Reporting
  • Document Management
  • BlockChain Smart-Contract Example
  • Augmented Reality Example
  • And much More

Get more details at:

International Spectrum

Located in Thorton CO.

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